The Greatest Factor Marrok From ‘Ahsoka’ Can Be Is No One

The Best Thing Marrok From ‘Ahsoka’ Can Be Is No One

Ahsoka is about to air its fourth episode tomorrow on Disney Plus, and there are rumors circulating that Marrok, the masked Inquisitor character from the previous three weeks, could lastly have his id revealed this time round.

I’m…form of hoping this isn’t true. In reality, I’m hoping that the reply to this thriller is simply…nothing. That Marrok just isn’t anybody, that he’s only a leftover Inquisitor and doesn’t have to be an enormous reveal or an easter egg or something like that. Why? As a result of not one of the theories are good.

Sam Witwer’s Starkiller – No, I don’t suppose it will be an particularly good reveal if Marrok was Starkiller, the absurdly overpowered secret Vader apprentice from the 2008 online game, The Drive Unleashed. This isn’t unimaginable, nevertheless, as a consequence of Dave Filoni allegedly eager to make Starkiller an Inquisitor in his animated sequence at one level. This is able to be an excessive amount of fan service for me, and simply pointless.

Jedi Survivor’s Cal Kestis – As a lot as I’d the truth is prefer to see Cameron Monaghan’s Cal Kestis enter the stay motion Star Wars universe, this time from a way more latest online game, to cite The Matrix, “Not like this.” Him displaying up as an Inquisitor right here would make zero sense.

Ezra – Have seen theories that Ezra is hiding underneath everybody’s noses as Marrok. No clue why the present would selected to do that, brainwash him into the darkish aspect or one thing nonsensical like that. It could basically negate all the level of the sequence.

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Previous this, nothing else actually is smart. A Luke Skywalker clone? No thanks. Too EU for me, even when we’re dipping into that territory with Thrawn.

However do I believe we’re going to escape some kind of massive reveal with Marrok? In all probability not, I do suppose there might be one, as I’m unsure what the aim is of getting a masked character, and an Inquisitor no much less, be current alongside the opposite two rogue Jedi until they have been going to disclose him as somebody of significance. It’s simple to see how Shin Hati may have executed all the pieces he’s doing within the story and that he’s superfluous, until he’s “somebody.”

This jogs my memory of the large Rey break up, the place in The Final Jedi she was meant to be nobody particular, no massive reveal about her lineage. Then in Rise of Skywalker, they utterly undid that with a pressured reveal about her being Palpatine’s granddaughter which made no sense. Marrok right here can be higher as nobody relatively than a online game reference or an Ezra plot twist. However I suppose we’ll see.

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